Teacher Card Guidelines

Teacher Card Procedures and Policies

The Ripon Public Library offers a teacher card to patrons who teach within the Winnefox service area.  These teacher accounts are afforded higher checkout limits, incur no overdue charges, and provide an easy way for teachers to keep classroom material separate from personal material.

Requirements for applying for a teacher card:

  • Patron must already have a personal library card which is in good standing.
  • Patron must provide verification that they are a teacher, day care provider, or home-schooler in the Winnefox service area.

Teacher Card Benefits & Guidelines

  • Items checked out to a teacher card will not incur overdue fines.  However, fines for lost or damaged items will still be assessed and may block an account or trigger referral to a collection agency if not addressed in time.
  • The default loan period for all items is 4 weeks.  Upon request, this loan period may be extended, at the time of checkout, and at the discretion of library staff, depending on the type of and demand for items.
  • Account limits are 150 items checked out, 50 holds, and 50 overdue items.
  • Teacher cards should not be used to check out items marked as new.
  • Teacher cards may not be used to check out items from the Kiwanis Toy Library, Maker Space, or Board Game special collections, or any material that has been changed to SHORLTOAN in our catalog.
  • Improper use of a teacher card may result in the suspension or revocation of teacher card privileges.
  • If either a patron’s regular or teacher account becomes blocked, is barred, or gets referred to a collection agency, staff may deny use of the other account until the problem is addressed.