Kid's Program

Randy Peterson in Concert

45 minutes of audience-participation-filled sing-along fun includes voice, guitar, banjo, and a dash of storytelling. The entire show is constructed around physical elements of building and construction, as well as building stronger communities, digging for deeper friendships and working (and singing) together to help build a better world.

The Ribbles Build a Residence

… performed by Traveling Lantern Theater Troupe of Portland, Oregon, features Architecture, Building and Construction. Mr. and Mrs. Ribble are expecting a baby and need a new home for their growing family! Mr. Ribble wants to go big, but Mrs. Ribble convinces him to build a dream home that is environmentally and neighborhood friendly. Through interactive games, audience members  discover basic building techniques and help draw a plan to assist the Ribbles in constructing a new home for a better world!


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