Kid's Program

Careful What You Wish For!

Tuesday, July 24 at 10 a.m. enjoy a “Dream Big Read!” story and craft time featuring dreams and wishes.  But, be careful what you wish for! Participants will meet lively literary characters with good hearts and good intentions, whose fondest wishes lead to surprising, and not always happy, circumstances.  All’s well that ends well, though. With a dose of good humor, and a little shaving off their egos, each character and their wish come round to a happy place in the end. Books, puppetry, song, wishing games and snacks included!

Story time and craft for ages 4 & up.

DREAM BIG story time & craft

Story time & craft for ages 4 & up features the traditional Ojibwa (also known as Chippewa) dream catcher.  Participants will learn the legend of the dream catcher and have the opportunity to make their very own dream catcher using traditional supplies and symbols such as red dogwood twigs, red thread, feathers and beads. These lovely creations will be gift or décor worthy!

Circle of Sound

Students of the Green Lake Festival of Music's chamber music camp perform in the round under instruction of worl class musicians Anthea & Jason Duckles. Their specialty is bringing HUMOR and accessibility to classical music for all ages.


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