Your Library - Circa 1981

Recently, library staff discovered a small pack of slides which were taken at the library in the year 1981. While many things have changed, the Ripon Public Library remains dedicated to serving the community. Take a look at how things have changed - or stayed the same!

A view of the original library entrance from across Jefferson Street. The Story Time and puppet theater area now occupies the old entrance area.

A view of the back of the original building. Taking a photo today from this spot would be impossible, after the 1999 addition was added in this area.


This view - across the creek looking at the back of the library - today includes a large garden area and natural wetland restoration work.


An unidentified patron uses an old microfilm machine. One of the few technologies that hasn't change, the library's new microfilm reader/printer still gets regular use.


Laura Ingalls Wilder books seem to be the catch of the day! Behind this bookshelf are doors to various staff offices which remain in much the same area today.


Here's another view of the banks of Silver Creek behind the library. Many patrons comment on the great natural beauty of the library grounds.


Local students work on their homework assignments in the magazine area. One thing that has changed is the replacement of traditional card catalogs - like the one seen here - with computerized checkout systems.


An unidentified patron browses the paperback book exchange. This service is now located in the copier room.


Do you recognize this little guy? He sure looks excited about all the children's books he has to pick from!


Much of this view of the library remains the same today - except for the style of automobiles parked outside!


This railroad track bed - including a scenic bridge near the library - was later converted into the Northwestern Trail.


Visitors of all ages enjoy the many services offered by the library.


Rush hour at the library! Staff members work hard to maintain order and check out patrons as quickly as possible. The new lobby area affords much more room.


Here's another look at the creek behind the library.


Library patrons discuss their favorite reads - circa 1981.