Library Program

Keeping Our Kids Safe Online & On Their Mobile Devices

Keeping Our Kids Safe Online & On Their Mobile Devices

Wednesday, December 2nd @ 1:00 P.M      AND      Thursday, December 3rd at 6 P.M.

Being online has become a daily part of living, but do you know how to keep yourself and your kids safe online? Meredith Birmingham, the Prevention Educator at ASTOP Sexual Abuse Center, will be on hand at the Ripon Public Library on Wednesday, December 2nd at 1:00 P.M. and Thursday, December 3rd at 6 P.M. to answer questions and inform parents on how to keep kids safe online and on their mobile devices. Learn about the secret dangers of ghost apps – disguised as legitimate programs that allow users to hide inappropriate content on their phones – and other similar programs that are easily accessible online. Know the pitfalls of having the web at your kids’ fingertips and learn how to talk to them about internet safety. This program is free and open to the public.

Adult Game Night - Featuring "Carcassonne"

Tuesday, November 17th @ 6:00 P.M.

About the game:

In this classic tile-laying game set in the southern French city of Carcassonne, players establish cities, roads, fields, and cloisters to build the most developed area of land and ultimately reign victorious!

The tile might feature a city, a road, a cloister, grassland or some combination thereof, and it must be placed adjacent to tiles that have already been played, in such a way that cities are connected to cities, roads to roads, etcetera. Having placed a tile, the player can then decide to place one of his meeples on one of the areas on it: on the city as a knight, on the road as a robber, on a cloister as a monk, or on the grass as a farmer. When that area is complete, that meeple scores points for its owner.


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